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Teach With Us

Teach With Us

Due to the current health regulations and social distancing requirements of COVID-19, Byron Community College will be running a combination of online (via Zoom) and face to face classes until further notice. If you are interested in teaching with us online or face to face please get in touch below.

Do you have an idea for a course that we don’t presently run? Do you have a passion to share your knowledge and skills with others? We are constantly looking for new courses to offer our community.


Fill out the ‘New Course Proposal Form’ below. This will then go to our selection committee for consideration for next term’s program.

We are currently looking for potential tutors in the following areas:

Bonsai, Sign language, Parental controls for your kids, Cyber security, Copy writing, Fermenting, Preserving, Kefir/kombucha, Indoor gardening and house plants, Pelvic floor health, Cupcakes and cake decorating, Natural face care, Green cleaning for home, Make your own coffin, DIY website with Wordpress, Drawing classes, Wood turning, Harmonica and more...

2021 Term Dates

  • Term 1: 27th January to 1st April (new course proposals to be sent by 2nd October 2020)
  • Term 2: 19th April to 25th June (new course proposals to be sent by 29th January 2021)
  • Term 3: 12th July to 17th September (new course proposals to be sent by 2nd April 2021)
  • Term 4: 5th October to 17th December (new course proposals to be sent by 25th June 2021)