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Guitar 2 - Unlocking Your Guitar

Guitar 2 - Unlocking Your Guitar
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Guitar 2 - Unlocking Your Guitar

<p>This course will suit you if you are a reasonably confident beginner rather than novices; can already play through some songs; or have already completed Karl’s Beginners course. What happens for


This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

This course will suit you if you are a reasonably confident beginner rather than novices; can already play through some songs; or have already completed Karl’s Beginners course. What happens for a lot of us is we get to the stage of being able to play a few songs, but then get a bit stuck, and don’t know where to go next. What can easily happen then is that we get bored playing the same old things and not progressing. Karl has a bunch of cool things to show you that will enable you to break through that.

What we will focus on in this course is taking the basic ‘open’ or first position chords (A, C, D, E, Am, Em, etc.) and show you how to move those shapes around the neck. This means you can take the shapes you already know and turn them into a whole bunch of new chords without learning any new shapes. So your chord repertoire just explodes. This also means you can play the same chord in a number of different ways or different places on the neck, allowing you to exploit a much greater range of tones from your instrument, as well as enabling you to move much more efficiently around the fretboard.

We’ll also look at some new right and left hand techniques to add a whole new level to your playing and make you sound a lot cooler. These techniques include hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, muting etc. We can also look more at the relationships between chords, how those relationships fit into song structures, and how to navigate those chord sequences around the fretboard. This makes learning new songs, or indeed writing new songs much easier.

My goal in this course is to help move you from ‘competent beginner’ to ‘confident musician’.

What to bring

  • Your guitar
  • Pen and paper
  • $10 to pay tutor for materials

Feedback from past Students

“Karl was a terrific and I liked the mix of theory & practice.” Charlotte Deeva Jensen

“More than adequate.”" Justin Ikstrums

“Clear, concise, entertaining, engaging, practical, well thought out progression.” Anneke de Graaf

Important information

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Course testimonials:

  • It was a really helpful course. When combined with practice, you can get a long way in knowing your way around the guitar. Very enjoyable.
  • Karl was an absolutely brilliant teacher - really, very good at communicating and reading the energy levels and passing on his knowledge in a clear and understandable way. The level of difficulty and challenge of what was being taught was perfect for me - but can also see how he could make it work for people of varying levels too. The standard of the classes was very high and the amount of work he put into each class follow up was clear too. Bravo. Thanks Karl. Much gratitude.
  • This is the second guitar course I have done with Karl. I love Karl's teaching style. He is very clear & patient & will go over things I didn't understand a couple more times. I have taken away lots of information to work on for the next few months. He also gives us the info to play several cool songs. His level of expertise & enthusiasm is very encouraging. He is also very encouraging & positive towards all students. Thank you! I got so much out of this course!