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Coping With Climate Change - Online Class

Coping With Climate Change - Online Class

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Climate change is now a reality for the people of the Byron Shire, and our entire country. From the high tides battering our beaches and damaging homes, to flood, drought and fire, we are now facing the real impacts of climate change each year

The climate crisis can cause a feeling of impending doom for many and it’s important to know how to take care of yourself and your mental wellbeing. The Coping with Climate Change series aims to equip the Byron community with skills to work through emotional and thought barriers, so you can continue to be motivated and take meaningful action.

This series will examine our responses, both mental and emotional, and offer tools to counter negative thought patterns and emotional distress. Then we will explore the numerous avenues of action, tips for developing your unique pathway, and new ways to see the things we already do. Finally, we look at new frameworks for seeing our collective future, and how we can respond both individually and in communities.

This series is designed to shift you from disempowerment and panic, to a state of acceptance, empowerment and activation.

Part 1 – Thoughts

The first part of the program covers thoughts and thought processes, and how they can stifle our success in environmental action.

It explores the questions:

· How are we told to think by the influences around us?

· How does this way of thinking conflict with combatting climate change?

· Which ‘thought-traps’ undermine our positivity and sense of hope for the future (e.g. it’s too late, my efforts don’t matter in the bigger picture, the government isn’t acting so why should I? Etc.)

· How can we overcome these ways of thinking and work fearlessly for change?

Part 2- Feelings

The second section examines the relationship between ecological breakdown and our emotional lives. There is growing awareness of ‘ecological grief’, feelings of despair and hopelessness within the environmental movement and more generally in society.

It explores the questions:

· What are we feeling about climate change and the future?

· How / why do we block these feelings and how does that impact us?

· What are helpful ways to respond to / use these emotions in our work?

· How can we best care for our ‘inner selves’ in this time of change?

Part 3 – Action

The third section of the program covers ‘action’. My instinct is that more important than what we do, is the way we feel about what we do. How do we avoid laying awake at night and fretting about all the things we cannot control, we cannot do? This causes burnout, anxiety, despair and ultimately a loss of effectiveness.

It explores the questions:

· What types of actions are there? (Joanna Macy’s work: holding actions, actions that raise consciousness, creating new models / pathways)

· How can I feel that my contribution has value when I can not see results? (ie how can I feel good about the action I take, and keep doing it)

· How can I find action that reflects my unique character, interests and capacity?

· How can I find peace with all the things I can not do?

Part 4 – The future

The final section explores our relationship with future scenarios. There is generally a feeling of foreboding about the future – that it will be a worse world than we currently enjoy.

It explores the questions:

· What is ‘Active Hope’? (Joanna Macy)

· How can I accept living with uncertainty?

· How can I face uncertainty with courage and motivation?

· How can I find positivity about the future and feed this into my action?

What to bring

  • Pen and paper

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Course testimonials:

  • Victoria was an excellent tutor. The course content was great but maybe not at a level appropriate for the particular cohort of the class.
  • Victoria was a fantastic tutor and I really enjoyed the thoughtful content in the course