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Colour Mixing

Colour Mixing

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Develop confidence with colour by learning how to mix the colours you want every time, using the double primary mixing system. The colour wheel and the most commonly used colour schemes will be gradually introduced, with the aim of developing a strong foundation in the understanding and use of colour. Experience is gained through practical hands on sessions using coloured paper and gouache(opaque watercolour), with plenty of visual examples to inspire. This workshop is open to anyone interested in colour and applicable to any medium. Materials fee $12.

There will be excercises and demonstrations throughout the day. We will cover

  • Introduction to the primaries and the double primary mixing system.
  • The colour wheel
  • Introduction to value (how light or dark a colour is)
  • How to mix a monochromatic colour scheme with the focus on tints, tones and shades.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the day you will have:

  • The practical knowledge of how to mix the colour they want, without wasting time or paint.
  • An understanding of the importance of value.
  • Been visually stimulated to begin to discern slight variations in similar colours.
  • Learnt how to use a palette knife to mix gouche paint.

Feedback from past students

"Excellent knowledge imparted with passionate verve that is contagious."

"A whole world of colour has been opened up to me. This has been great, informative and fun."

“I learned a lot about what the course promised to teach: colour mixing. Teacher very informative, and knowledgeable. Very passionate,” Marissa Treichel.

What to bring

  • Rag to clean hands
  • Container for water for cleaning brushes (yoghurt container, jam jar etc)
  • Water spray bottle (one that sprays a fine mist)
  • One small piece of coloured paper or fabric, (approx 3cm x 3cm) that is your favourite colour (cut out of a magazine, or ask for sample card at paint shop)
  • Optional…..Apron or painting shirt, own set of brushes
  • Mug
  • Please bring your own lunch
  • $12 to pay tutor for materials

Important information

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