Constructive Emotions And Overcoming Destructive Behaviour Byron Community College

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Constructive Emotions And Overcoming Destructive Behaviour

Constructive Emotions And Overcoming Destructive Behaviour

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There are two families of emotions influencing human behaviour: constructive and destructive emotions. This program is an introduction to the science of emotions, its vocabulary, differentiation, emotional episode timeline and how it’s affecting our behaviour. The course includes an introduction to mindfulness of breathing practices, conative, attentional, cognitive and emotional balance plus the four virtues of the heart.


*This course is designed to give practical experience of mindfulness of breathing
and understanding the three components of relaxation, stillness and wakefulness.
*Understand genuine and hedonic happiness.
*Understand the four virtues of the heart and the value of leading an ethical way of life.
*Develop emotional literacy, validating emotions in a psycho-evolutionary context and
the discreet model of emotions including the emotional episode timeline of happiness,
fear and anger
*Develop practical skills for your toolbox helping to improve self-regulation of emotions.

Day 1

  • Introduction into constructive and destructive emotions
  • Captured vs controlled attention and behaviour
  • Cognitive Fusion
  • Guided practice: Harvesting Joy

Day 2

  • Genuine vs Hedonic Happiness
  • Three domains of genuine happiness
  • Four virtues of the heart
  • Guided practice: Loving Kindness

Day 3

  • Science of emotions
  • Automatic appraisal system
  • Emotional episode timeline
  • Guided practice: Mindfulness of Breathing

Day 4

  • Characteristics of emotions
  • Definition constructive and destructive emotions
  • Guided practice: Compassionate Heart

Day 5

  • Emotional Regulation
  • Anger
  • Hot triggers
  • Pre-conditions and emotional alert database
  • Guided Practice: Empathetic Joy

Day 6

  • Contempt
  • Conative Balance
  • Four-fold vision quest
  • Guided Practice: Impartiality

What to bring

  • Pen and paper for notes
  • Sketchpad
  • Refreshments

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