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Facebook For Business Stage 2 FSK3

Facebook For Business Stage 2 FSK3
Assessments are made against units of competency.
  • Write basic workplace information (FSKWTG03)

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Dive deep into FOUR FB strategies to help you up level your Facebook even further. We will cover: FB stories to make use of this increasingly important growth opportunity. Stock video creation for increased organic visibility. Content sharing from reputable sources to engage with your community. Introduction to FB ads. This course is definitely not for beginners. If you have completed Kylie’s business beginner FB course then you’re ready to join her in this stage 2 course.

With 1.56 billion daily active users of Facebook (i.e. your customers & clients) you absolutely must be using FB in your business. It’s not
enough to simply post something about your business each week in the hope that your followers will see it, so it’s time to upskill!
In the FB stage 2 course for businesses we’re going to dive into FOUR FACEBOOK STRATEGIES to help you up-level;

You will learn how to:

  • Make amazing, eye-catching FB stories and get your audience to interact with them – they’re an increasingly important growth opportunity that your business needs to be utilising!
* Create awesome stock videos with captions and branding for increased organic visibility (and you can upload your own video’s in here too!)
  • Share engaging, relevant and popular content from reputable sources to encourage engagement within your FB community
  • The basics in "Introduction to FB ads"

If you have completed Kylie’s business beginner FB course then you’re ready to join her on this stage 2 course. This course is definitely NOT for beginners!

Important things to note before you enrol:
1. This is not a beginners course for Facebook. It’s a second-level business growth course to help you move forward to get the most out of this incredible fast-moving social platform.
2. This is not an advanced FB Adverts course, we will be spending only a small part of this course on FB ads AUDIENCES.
3. We will be working on YOUR business throughout this course, so be ready for changes and growth!

What to bring

  • iTunes or Google Play login and password – you’ll need to purchase apps at a cost of less than $20
  • Up to $20 for a subscription based trial of two online programmes.

If you have any questions prior to booking this course, please email Kylie hi@hellomedia.team

Tutor Kylie Mowbray-Allen has been working in Digital Marketing and teaching Social Media Marketing for over a decade. She shows patience and displays a wide range of knowledge in this ever-changing digital world. Having just returned from Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, she’s armed and ready with the latest changes and must-do’s for your business to succeed.