Expressing Mood and Emotion in Watercolour Byron Community College

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Expressing Mood and Emotion in Watercolour

Expressing Mood and Emotion in Watercolour

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

It is not just the subject of an artwork that evokes an emotional response in us. More importantly, it is the manner in which the subject is portrayed. The same portrait, still life or a landscape could be bright and cheerful, dark and wintry, warm and comfortable, terrifying, or just fun and playful. We will explore how to use colour, light and shade, design, brushwork and painting processes to communicate a range of themes, moods and feelings in watercolour.

What to bring

  • Paper: One full sheet Arches 300g rough. (you can cut into quarters for convenience). I can supply at cost price on the day if you prefer
  • Brushes - One or two ‘round’ watercolour brushes about size 12 to 16 are sufficient to start. Bring what you have
  • Paints Artist quality paints. Preferably tubes rather than pans. If you already have some paints, bring what you have
  • If you need to buy, then three primary colours are sufficient to start: Yellow (eg Cadmium Yellow Light, Hansa Yellow or Lemon Yellow), Red (eg Cadmium Red and/or Alizarin) and Blue (Cobalt Blue and/or Ultramarine Blue)
  • Raw Sienna or Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna or Sepia or Burnt Umber would be two other useful colours
  • Other Palette (bring what you have or I will have spare ones to start off with), water jar, backing board about A3 size, pencil and soft eraser, rag or paper towel
  • Own lunch/refreshments